Apr 09

Tye Ikeda Wins Silver & Olympic Quota in Argentina

Alberta was well-represented in the 50m 3P event in Buenos Aires, Argentina last weekend with Tye Ikeda qualifying for finals and shooting his way to a silver medal and an Olympic quota! This will join the quota already won by Shannon Westlake of Ontario to send another Canadian athlete to compete in Paris in rifle events. The final was streamed on an Argentinian website and you can view it below. Good luck to all our athletes who are competing this weekend in Rio at the final Olympic qualification event!

Final Streaming Website

Note that a login is required for this website but you can use your Google or Gmail account to gain access for free.

Apr 02

Canadian Junior National Air Gun Championship Results

Here’s the results from the recent Canadian National Junior Championships. Alberta did well.


Congratulations to Aanum Grewal for a bronze medal in ladies air and Adheesh Patnaik for a 6th place finish in men’s air. The same two achieved a 6th place finish in the team event.
I also congratulate two Alberta subjuniors ( Eileen Choi and Ashi Saxena)  who participated in the event. That was a courageous thing to do and a great learning experience for them.
The next National Junior Championship will be held in Saskatoon the last part of March 2025.
That will be a team event with 4 persons representing their province. ( 2 rifle, male/female and 2 pistol male/female)
The Alberta rifle team for 2025 will be chosen from those posting the best average over their best 3 recognized matches between now and March of 2025. IE, They can shoot as many matches as they want and use their best 3 for the total.
I encourage all juniors to get started competing at authorized matches.
Wynn Payne
Alberta Rifle Coach

Mar 30

Zone 7 Air Gun Match

Hello, All!

Here are some of the results from the Air Rifle and Pistol matches held yesterday and today in St Paul. Congratulations to the winners and to all who participated!

Air Pistol


Billi Jo McIlroy – 1036.4


Russell Whitford – 1102.7

Gordon Smereka – 843.5

Air Rifle


Kat Fissenko – 1017.2

Billi Jo McIlroy – 969.0

Marina Champagne 801.9


Addison Champagne (International Junior) – 754.4

Barry Salstrom (U60) – 863.1

Russell Whitford (Senior) – 983.3

Gordon Smereka (Senior) 837.6

Mar 09

2024 Alberta Air Rifle Championships

Hello, All!

The 2024 Air Rifle Championships will be held across the province 13-14 April so you can attend at whatever range suits your location! The participating venues are:

Calgary – Calgary Rifle & Pistol Club

Red Deer – Red Deer Fish & Game Air Gun Range

St Paul – Eldorado Air Gun Range at St Paul Fish & Game

Grande Prairie – Wapiti Indoor Range

The competition is open for Seniors and Juniors. Please note you must be an ASRA member to qualify!

This is the 2024 ASRA Air Provincials Entry FormPlease send the form & payment in advance so the club can be prepared for the full attendance!

Mar 08

2024 Alberta Smallbore Rifle Championships

Hello, All!

The 2024 Alberta Smallbore Rifle Championships will be held from Friday, June 7 to Sunday, June 9 at the Taber Shooting Foundation Range! The following classes will be represented:

ISSF 3-Position, 3×20

ISSF Prone 60 Iron/Any Sight

ISSF Prone 40 @ 100m

SFC Sporting Rifle

SFC Hunting RIfle

Friday is Registration, Equipment Check, & Setup while events will be run on both remaining days. Please note you must be a member of ASRA to qualify!

Please refer to the information & entry form below. Please submit your entry forms and payment in advance!


2024 ASRA Smallbore Championships Info

2024 ASRA Smallbore Championship Registration Form

Jan 28

2024 Indoor Smallbore/Air Rifle Schedule

The Calgary Rifle and Pistol Club (CRPC) is pleased to host a series of indoor matches, starting in October 2023. The intent of these matches is to provide an opportunity for Smallbore Rifle and Air Rifle shooters to participate in regularly scheduled competitions. The entry fees have been kept to an absolute minimum and therefore, there will be no prizes other than bragging rights. All events will be fired on paper targets at 25m for Smallbore and 10m for Air Rifle, 2 shots per bull for Smallbore and one shot for Air Rifle.

– Start time 9:00 am, range open at 8:00 am.
– ISSF/SFC rules apply.
– Competitor scoring to be used – please bring scoring towers etc.
– Scores to be posted at CRPC.
– Cost is $15.00 for CRPC members, $30 for non-members. (please bring exact change).
– Match Rifle, Air Rifle, Sporting Rifle or Hunting Rifle may be used.
– Recommended that you are a 2023 ASRA member-please support Smallbore Rifle
– Please note that Empty Chamber Indicators (ECI) are required.
– Ammo sales NOT available at the range.
– Course of fire;
Smallbore ISSF Prone – Iron Sights 60 shots, 30 min. per target.
Smallbore ISSF Prone – Any Sights 60 shots, 30 min. per target.
Smallbore ISSF 3-P – 60 shots, 2 hrs.,25 min.
Air Rifle ISSF – 60 shots, 1 hr. 30 min.
Sporting Rifle Prone – 60 shots, 30 min. per target.
Sporting Rifle 3-P – 60 shots, 30 min. per target.
Hunting Rifle Prone – 60 shots, 30 min. per target.

No entry forms – just show up with exact change cash and shoot – it doesn’t get much easier. Range space is limited to a first come first served basis. It is recommended that you call/email to reserve a spot as we anticipate a good turnout this season.

Match dates:
3 Feb. 2024
6 Apr. 2024

For additional info or to reserve a position, contact Ralph at 403-971-4054 or via email, rpentelski@gmail.com

Jan 04

Polar 40 Match – St Paul

Not Too Bad Shooting Range, St Paul
Invites Smallbore Rifle (.22 LR) Competitors to attend the
Polar 40 Match – Sporting Rifle / Hunting Rifle / Precision

February 3, 2024

$20.00 Entry, $10.00 to enter additional categories
40 shots total for score in two 30-minute strings of 20 shots
Unlimited sighting shots and 20 scoring shots during each 30 minute string
Prone Position, unsupported (except for Precision)
SFC Sporting Rifle target at 50m

Any .22 LR rifle will be fit into Sporting, Hunting, or Precision

Relay 1 – 9:30 AM
Relay 2 – 11:00 AM
Relay 3 – 12:30 PM
Relay 4 – 2:00 PM
Relay 5 – 3:30 PM

Prize – Cash draw, with portion donated to Stollery

Competitors will come to the Firing Line only once to complete two 30-minute strings during their 1.5 hour relay
Extra relays may be added on Feb 2 if necessary

Call/Text Russ at 780-996-9597 for more info!

Dec 28

2024 ASRA Membership Renewal

Hi All

It is imperative you obtain your membership before Dec 31st if you plan on doing any shooting activity. Payment information and membership form distribution information at the bottom of the form. The current insurance covered by your membership expires Dec 31. 2023 After that date you no longer have insurance coverage under the ASRA membership.

This year the cost of insurance dramatically increased so the new membership fee reflects that increase.
Because the current coverage is by individuals we can no longer offer a discount for families.

I wish you all a happy New Year and a great 2024 shooting season.

2024 ASRA Membership Form

Wynn Payne
ASRA Board

Oct 02

2023 Cooey Classified Rifle Event

15 Cooey enthusiasts attended the second annual Cooey classified (Hunting Rifle Match) at the Not Too Bad shooting range in St. Paul

4 Junior Men
3 Senior Ladies
8 Senior Men

Firearms on the line included Cooey models 75, 82, 64, 55, 39 and 60.

Some with open sights, some with scopes and others with aperature.  All the shooting was done prone on the 50m SFC Sporting rifle target from 50 meters.

Proceeds were donated to the Stollery Childrens Hospital Foundation.

Top Scores

Marksman  Doris Langridge 384/600
Sharpshooter  Darrel May 479/600
Expert Tyson Sommerville 545/600
Master Russell Whitford 583/600

Aug 20

2023 Canadian National Rifle Championships Results

The SFC Canadian National Rifle Championships were held August 2-10 in Trois-Rivières, Quebec and the results have been published! The events included Hunting Rifle and Sporting Rifle Prone 60, Men and Women’s Air Rifle, Mixed Team Air Rifle, 50m Prone, and 50m 3P which were all well attended. Thank you to all the athletes, and all the excellent volunteers and staff that made the event possible!

Congratulations to Alberta’s own Tye Ikeda for winning 1st in Men’s 50m 3-Position and Finals, 2nd in Men’s 50m Prone, and 1st in Men’s Air Rifle Finals!

The full results document is https://sfc-ftc.ca/resources/2023%20National%20Rifle%20Championships%20Results.pdf

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