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Olympic Shooting Supplies

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Olympic Shooting Supplies – Equipping the Champions

Welcome to a unique web page dedicated to making shooting equipment and practical top-level advice available TO a shooter FROM a shooter.

Before Olympic Shooting Supplies was born there were only two or three shooting equipment suppliers in Canada. For the newer shooter, it was extremely difficult to find good sources of specialized, quality equipment. When a source was found, it was usually on the other side of the country, and the supplier charged a ridiculous price for their products.

I decided to become an authorized dealer & distributor for specific, specialized shooting equipment manufacturers for four reasons:

  1. It was obvious more suppliers were needed in Canada
  2. I could provide personal service and better pricing than existing suppliers
  3. I can provide detailed shooting advice to my customers.
  4. I represent this equipment because I’ve used it for the past four years.

I have represented Canada at:

  • two Pan American Games (3 medals total),
  • two Commonwealth Games (5 medals total) and
  • two Olympic Games (one top-10 finish).

With top-level experience and 20+ year involvement in ISSF Prone Smallbore Match Rifle, 3-Position Smallbore Rifle and Air Rifle shooting, I feel I’m uniquely qualified to lend a guiding hand in the areas of equipment, rifles, ammunition, training, competition and mental preparation for competition.


Wayne Sorensen

10 meter Air Rifle

Olympics – Top 10 finish (595/600)

50 meter Prone Match Rifle

Listed below you will find links to the respective company websites (and full catalogs) for the equipment that I import.

Kurt Thune Shooting Clothing & Accessories

Kurt Thune Measuring Guide & Order form

MEC Centra Shooting Equipment

TEC-HRO Shooting Equipment

Walther Rifles

For more information on placing an order, or for advice & consultation regarding this equipment please contact me at:

Wayne Sorensen
ASRA Lifetime Member
Calgary, AB.