Jul 08

Coach’s Corner – Match Etiquette

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This is a summary for those just becoming familiar with ISSF shooting to following steps toward a successful match.

-Guns should be transported in a locked gun case.

-The case should be marked as to which end is the end the muzzle is located. Ensure when placing the firearm back in the case to ensure this step is followed.

-As soon as is reasonable able, go through equipment check.

-Any time your firearm is in the open case the safety flag should be in the breach. Air rifle flags must be all the way through and out the muzzle end, a long piece of weedwhacker cord is a good option.

-Leave the firearm in the case until the call to the line.

-Do physical warmup before being called to the line. This means stretching and activating muscles that will be used in the event.

S-hooters will be called to the line 20 minutes before the first match shot. Be completely ready to enter the range at this point with all equipment for the match.

-At the firing line you may set up your equipment, remove the safety flag and dry fire for a 5 minute period.

-There will be a call to start sighting preparation where you have 15 minutes to shoot an unlimited number of shots that will help you establish your centre of aim. For .22 shooters this is also the time to determine the predominant wind condition and adjust sights accordingly.

-After 14 minute and 30 seconds you will be informed there are 30 seconds left to go for sighting shots.

-The range commands are to stop while the targets are reset then Start to commence the match.

-Air rifle match on electronic targets is 75 minutes. The time, at the end of the match , will be announced as 10 min, 5 min and 1 min remaining.

-After your last shot insert your safety flag and raise your hand to signal a range officer to inspect your firearm. Once it is confirmed the firearm is safe you may leave the line but your fire arm stays on the line until the announcement to remove equipment from the line. Take your firearm and put it in it’s case.

Wynn Payne
Alberta Provincial Coach