Oct 07

2020 Indoor Marksmanship Program – Calgary

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Now with the snow upon us, what better time than to start thinking about heading indoors for some target shooting.  As an extension of the classes held last season, we will again be offering marksmanship training.  Unlike the past season where we spent considerable time in the classroom, the 2020 classes will be of a more hands-on approach with the majority of the time spent on the range conducting live firing.  The intent will be to offer more one on one coaching to small groups.  You simply advise which areas you would like to focus on and we’ll provide individual coaching.
In order to maximize time, there is a prerequisite which is that you must have attended the classes last season.  To be clear, this coaching is NOT intended for brand new/beginner shooters.


Here are the 2020 monthly Saturday dates
January 4th
February 1st
February 29th (That’s right, it’s a leap year)
April 4th