Nov 29

Rifle Marksmanship Training – Calgary Rifle and Pistol Club

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The Calgary Rifle and Pistol Club has hosted a series of indoor rifle matches during the winter months for the past several years, sixteen to be exact.  For 2019, they are “refreshing” their program.  Instead of offering a true competition environment, they are shifting the focus by now offering actual training courses. This four-part series for 2019 will offer coaching for .22 style shooting in the prone, standing and kneeling positions.  They will combine classroom training along with live fire shooting on the range.  Anyone with a .22 cal. hunting rifle, sporting rifle or match rifle is welcome to attend.  They will follow the same schedule as was for the matches in the past, by hosting these sessions on the first Saturday of January through to and including April.

The link below contains additional information about these classes.  You will notice that the class size is limited to eight participants.  This means you are encouraged to register early – preferably by email.  Should they receive an overwhelming response, they would consider adding a second, afternoon class but for now, these will be morning sessions.

CRPC 2019 Marksmanship Program Information