Mar 11

2018 Maple Leaf Open

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Alberta Handgun Association presents: 10th ANNUAL MAPLE LEAF OPEN 2018 10m Air Gun

Date: May 11 – 13, 2018

Location:  Leduc Recreation Centre, Curling Rink,  4330 Blackgold Dr., Leduc, Alberta   Ph: 780 980 8412

Range Facilities: Megalink EST – 30 positions.  Meets ISSF EST 6.3.2. Requirements.

Rules: Current published SFC and ISSF rules will apply.  It is the responsibility of all participants to be familiar with the current ISSF rules.  Note:  SFC Classification will be used only for Junior competitors. Please refer to the SFC Classification Guide for Classification information. Start lists, results and any updates to the schedule or this match notice will be published to https://www.match-planning.com

Criteria: This competition meets the 2019 Athlete Selection Criteria Annex A Match Criteria for Qualifying Score Consideration

Eligibility:  Membership in your respective provincial organization. Equipment: All equipment must meet ISSF specifications when checked during the competition.

Course of Fire:  One 60-shot match and one ISSF Mixed Team Event


Match Notice and Paper Registration