Oct 30

Latest CS4L Summary

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Hey shooters:

The latest summary regarding Canadian Sport For Life and Long Term Athlete Development can be found on our downloads website page and also here: CS4L summary

Be sure to visit the CS4L website for much more information: CS4L

Canada Sport for Life is an initiative, started at the national level that is directed towards improving Canadians physical and mental health through life long sport involvement.

What better a life long sport than target shooting!

The structure of the CS4L program is based upon well developed sport opportunities and well laid out sport theory from youth to senior levels. The program DOES NOT FOCUS ON AGE so much as opportunity and maturity. This is most important since physical and mental maturation vary from person to person. The goal is to produce a
physically literate individual well based in sport theory.

The sport structure philosophy identified to carry out the CS4L program is Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD). The LTAD structure identifies a series of sport benchmarks around which a sport can start to focus and develop sport participation from youth to adulthood. One of the ultimate goals is podium performance.